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Looking for a sustainable floor? Then you might think of natural materials, such as stone or wood. Nevertheless, a PVC floor can be a good option.

A qualitative PVC floor is first and foremost sustainable in the literal sense of the word: it lasts a long time. For example, on an Allura floor you get a 15-year warranty. Such a long life saves raw materials.

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The look of stone or wood

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A PVC floor is made of plastic, but can have a natural look. For example the looks of a wooden floor, but without intensive maintenance, cracking and squeaking. Or the look of stone, but without cold feet. From tough concrete to extra dark slate. Everything is possible.

Easy to Maintain

Lemonade or a glass of red wine on the floor? Walking bikes and sliding chairs? No worries. A PVC floor is scratch-resistant and not sensitive to traces of use. And: it is easy to maintain. So cleaning is easy too. Instead of vacuuming, you can also use a soft broom. Want to mop? Make a soap with a mild soap or natural all-purpose cleaner.

Free from harmful substances

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Fine if you use natural cleaning products. But also check the floor yourself. It does not apply to every PVC floor, but the Allura floors are free of phthalate, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Very nice.

Made in the Netherlands

The Allura floors are made with 100% green electricity. The floor is designed and made in the Netherlands. That is also environmentally friendly, the floor only averages 69 kilometers before it is at your home.


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There is recycled material in the floors. They recycle their own waste at the factory. And for large projects such as a hospital or office building, the cutting waste is also returned to the recycling plant.