The epoxy floor is a seamless screed that was developed around 1960 for the flooring of warehouses and factory buildings. Since the beginning of the 21st century, these floors also have a strong rise in floor finishes of habitable buildings. Interior architects experiment with it in quite diverse interiors to their heart’s content. The high hardness, seamless character, and superfluous expansion joints ensure that the epoxy floor is used more and more.

Properties Of Epoxy Flooring

An epoxy floor is a seamless pouring floor with a high hardness that is applied on top of an existing supporting floor. The pouring floor consists of several layers of 2 to 3 millimeters thick, which can be applied in a stable manner even on different supporting floors. The top layer protects the epoxy floor against acids and oils, avoids slipping and makes the floor resistant to wear. For these reasons, the floor is very often placed in garages, warehouses, and industrial or pharmaceutical areas.

Epoxy floors are also available in all RAL colors. By adapting the finish layer, the floor can adopt both a rather classic, industrial look and a fresh, new design look. This also increases the interest of the private individual in the product. Epoxy floors are now more and more placed in modern furnished design homes.

Disadvantages Of Epoxy Flooring

Although these floors have many advantages, there are still a few points that you can keep in mind. For example, epoxy floors cannot be combined with underfloor heating. In addition, they are quite susceptible to crack formation and the occurrence of scratches. That is why it is important to work together with an expert who has many years of experience in installing epoxy floors.


Placing epoxy floors is done in several steps. In the first phase, the subfloor must be cleaned. All damage must be repaired and all skirting boards must be removed. Thereafter, one can proceed to the placement of the scraping layer. This layer consists of epoxy resins and ensures an optimal transition between the substrate and the casting floor. Due to this layer, residual irregularities and cracks in the subfloor will have no negative impact on the top layer.

Then the casting layer is applied. This is the actual pouring floor, where a first color shade is already being processed. The casting layer consists of two components: epoxy resin and polyurethane. In a third and final phase, the transparent top layer is applied in polyurethane. This finish layer protects the floor from scratches and UV rays. This layer determines the appearance and the final color of the floor. You can opt for a matt or glossy finish. Because of the different steps, it will take a few days before your epoxy floor is ready for use.


By keeping your epoxy floor well maintained, it can still look great after years. Especially in the beginning people are careful with this. This is due to the fact that in the first weeks after installation an invisible layer has to be formed on the surface of the floor.

For daily maintenance use a vacuum cleaner or brush. In the first weeks after placement, you should avoid all contact with water. If you then clean with cold or lukewarm water, use only the recommended products for it. Avoid aggressive cleaning products! Only a vinegar solution can be useful to remove scale formation.

Price of Epoxy Flooring

The average price of epoxy floors varies between $85-135 per square meter. The surface area, the number of angles, the desired finish and the degree of difficulty are the factors that have the greatest impact on this large price difference. The high-cost price is partially compensated by the fact that a small thickness is required so that heavy costs for demolition works are avoided.

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