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If you want to renovate the home you have just bought or to change the look of your existing home then start to decorate it according to your choice consider changing the flooring . Being vastly experienced Flooring Contractor in Charlotte NC, let us advice you on two of the most prevalent and viable options in flooring – Tiles and Hardwood Flooring.

You can chose Tile flooring – This is no ordinary flooring as it is durable, beautiful and can withstand water, moisture, dirt, grime and pressure. It can be used on every nook and corner in the home without any apprehension. Start your home decoration with kitchen which braves everything from footprints, grime, caustic and acidic liquids and oil. You will be proud that you have selected this flooring for your kitchen. Make a wise selection for floor, counter top and kitchen walls.

After the kitchen take the bathroom where you will refresh your tired self after a long day at work. Experts recommend slate tile flooring for bathrooms because these slabs display excellent water resistance quality. Also they can brave soap scum, mild detergents used in washing clothes and various shampoos and hair colors. When tiling the bathroom floor and walls especially the shower wall, make sure that they are property grouted. You can also seal them for added protection from water. Since slate slabs are easy to clean, you won’t require washing them every time after using the bath.

Living room is the place where you will great and treat your guests hence it should look inviting. Mosaic slate tile flooring will be just perfect for your living room. Colorful mosaic pieces will make an attractive backdrop for all your furniture, antique pieces and other decorative items in the living room. These tiles are very hard wearing and there are no worries about the flooring getting scratches with footwear or furniture. For cleanliness, you can sweep the floor with soft bristles broom and vacuum the floor once in a fortnight. If there happens to be any stain marks on the floor, you can remove them with oxygen bleach solution.

If there is a pool and patio in your home then you should consider using slate tile flooring on the pool floor and patio. This flooring can withstand high and low temperatures. The patio is mostly used for outdoor cooking. Homeowners enjoy sizzling cookouts and cocktail parties in the open patio. Concrete and wood flooring is not suitable for cookout parties but slate has no problem with high or low temperature. Installing, cleaning and buying slate slabs is not an issue. There are online slate stone stores that offer quality and colorful flooring at very cost effective price.

Wood Flooring – Hardwood floors suggest warmth and richness. With proper care, hardwood rarely needs replacing, and actually increases in beauty over time. The most comFlooring Contractors Charlotte NCmon and desired hardwood species is oak because its relatively neutral color goes well with most decors. Other species and finishes are available in a range of colors, from light (more informal) to dark (traditionally formal).
Types of Hardwood Flooring
There are two types of hardwood flooring:
Engineered flooring is manufactured in a manner similar to plywood, where three or five thin sheets (plies) of wood are laminated (glued) together in a crisscross formation for strength. A top layer (veneer) of hardwood is added as a finished top layer. Engineered flooring is available as strips or planks. Strips are 3″ or less in width. Planks are over 3″ wide. Engineered floors are very stable and can be installed on any grade level. Although engineered wood floors are manufactured through a laminating process, they are not the same as a laminate floor.

Solid floors are cut from solid pieces of wood and milled to standard specifications. The flooring can be installed as planks or strips.
Longstrip flooring A longstrip board is constructed of individual slats glued together end to end to form strips. The strips are then installed as tongue and groove.Parquet flooring is normally a 12″x 12″ square consisting of narrow strips of wood. The parquet tiles, often of varying finishes, are arranged in geometric patterns.
Some wood flooring is pre-finished, others will require finishing and sealing. Many wood floors can also be refinished. A surface stain can be removed and re-stained. Penetrating stains have in essence become part of the wood and are permanent. Check the manufacturer’s specifications about refinishing.
Parquet flooring – Whichever wood floor you choose, you install it using one of these methods:Nail down — attached to a wood subfloor with flooring nails.Staple down — attached to a wood subfloor with a pneumatic stapler.Glue down — engineered floors are applied to the subfloor with trowel and adhesive.Floating — tongue and groove floor planks are glued together. Rather than fastened to the subfloor, the floor rests on a pad between the floor and subfloor.
Installing a wood floor can be a larger investment than other flooring options. With proper care, a quality wood floor lasts the life of the house and adds to resale value.

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