From soft carpets to tight tiles and from wood to cast floors: a floor installation in Charlotte NC is always available for every taste and every budget. Choose best floors from linoleum, vinyl, cast floors, carpet, wood, tiles or laminate .

1 Linoleum & Vinyl Flooring Company Charlotte NC

Both linoleum and vinyl have advantages and disadvantages. A big disadvantage with linoleum is that it is not movable, because it is glued. Vinyl has the disadvantage that it can not be repaired. Both are cheap, durable, easy to maintain and also sound-absorbing. Handy when you have children. The trends in smooth floors are the use of natural shades of brown to olive green, alternating with anthracite and purple.

2 Cast Floors In Charlotte NC

Cast floors differ in quality and therefore also in price. The disadvantage, as with linoleum, is that a pouring floor can not be moved. Scratch sensitivity and slight discolouration of the floor are minor, but not serious, disadvantages. The advantages of a cast floor are that they are easy to maintain, waterproof, strong and durable and can also be used everywhere. And that is why a plastic or industrial cast floor is the trend of the moment: tight, strong and durable.

3 Tiles Flooring Contractors Charlotte NC

With tiles, you may immediately think of a bathroom or kitchen, but tiles can also look nice in a living room. Although tiles can not be moved, they can be used everywhere. In addition, they are also very easy to keep clean and animal and childproof. Trends in tile floors are the colors black, anthracite and gray and the extra large or extra small sizes. With the small sizes of tiles you get the mosaic effect.

4 Carpet Flooring Charlotte NC

Carpet is available in fixed floor covering or as carpet tiles. The nice thing about carpet is that it is easy to move and very easy to clean. If your floor covering can not be saved anymore, you can always replace it. In winter it is nice and warm at your feet and it is also sound-absorbing. The annoying thing about carpet is that it is not durable and very sensitive to stains, although there are always better cleaning products. If you are allergic to dust: do not! The trends in carpet are braided structures and, for example, a smart processing of carpet wires for a special effect.

5 Laminate Floor Installation Charlotte NC

The choice in laminate is becoming more and more diverse and it is also easy to lay. You can go for the laminate for example at the Kwantum or you can go for the house collection of 1st Flooring. The only disadvantage of laminate is that it is very noisy. On the other hand, there are many advantages, because it is cheap and easy to maintain. It is also applicable everywhere and it is easy to move with. Do you have a floor that shines a lot of light? Then a laminate floor would be a nice choice, because the floor colors nicely with the influence of sun and light. The trend in laminate is a smooth, glossy laminate floor with wide strips, finished with a clear high-gloss acrylic lacquer.

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