The floors in your house are literally the solid foundation on which you build and decorate. You want a floor that not only looks great but also a surface that provides extra living comfort. Vinyl flooring is strong and maintenance friendly, whichever variant you choose. We share 5 benefits of vinyl flooring or you can checkout other flooring options.

1. Good for the neighbors

Novilon is also called silent floor covering because of the sound-absorbing effect of the spring vinyl it is made of. Such a quiet floor is of course very nice for the (sub) neighbors.

2. Different designs and colors

A vinyl floor has a natural look and can be obtained in dozens of variations including wood, stone, and abstract designs. Whether you go for a tough concrete look or a warm earthy tint. In addition, Novilon has the option of a v-groove or a matte finish. As a result, it can hardly be distinguished from a real wooden or stone floor.

3. Warm floor

The material feels very comfortable and is also suitable for underfloor heating. A floor that makes you warm and literally warm.

4. It is lifelike

Allura stroke, tiles, and Click cannot really be distinguished by the natural relief, the V-groove and the matt finish. Every strip and tile is unique.

5. Easy to maintain, laid as you want

The PVC strips and tiles from the Allura collection have the luxurious appearance of wood and stone, but without the maintenance disks of real wood for example. Because no strip and tile are exactly the same, this floor comes to life. You lay him semi-brick, in a wild band or in herringbone. So you decide whether you are going for a classic or modern sleek floor.

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