A cork floor consists of natural substances (such as cork and oak bark) that are mixed with resin and other additives. The mixture that is then obtained is pressed and cut into blocks. The end product is an environmentally friendly material of about 4 millimeters thick with which floors and walls can be finished. This floor covering is naturally light brown in color, but today there are several brands that offer different shades. There are various types of cork flooring, such as cork parquet, cork laminate, cork tiles and cork on rolls.

Properties & Benefits Of Cork Flooring

Cork floors offer high quality, are very durable, and can, therefore, be maintained in perfect condition for a long time. even spaces that are used intensively can be covered with a cork floor. The endless possibilities with cork, including countless shapes, styles, and colors, ensure that every room can be decorated in a stylish way and according to your preferences.

Resilience & Comfort

The resilience of cork always guarantees maximum noise reduction. A cork floor, after a heavy load, always regains its original shape. The same elasticity also reduces the tension you exert on your joints during walking. Indirectly, this comfortable floor also has a positive effect on your health. Most variants of this floor are also ideal for people with allergies (anti-allergic property). The dirt-repellent top layer avoids dirt, mold, and bacteria.

Moisture & Scratch Resistant

A cork floor is therefore hygienic, but also moisture-resistant and thermally conductive (thermal insulation). Even on bare feet, a cork floor always feels warm. Rotten does not do this floor either, making it easy to place in damp rooms such as the bathroom. You also often see cork floors in office spaces. The floor is, after all, very resistant to scratches that would result from sliding and revolving office chairs.

We can be quite brief about the disadvantages of cork floors. The only notable disadvantage could be that the color of the floor faded over time. Furniture traces can become visible in this way. Excessive exposure to sunlight is the biggest cause of this. Cork is and remains a natural product. This discoloration can best be compared with a parquet floor.

Installation & Maintenance

You can place your cork floor yourself or appeal to a professional. Do-it-yourselfers can immediately get started with the so-called click system. In the same way, you place click laminate, you can also click your cork floor together. Do you opt for cork tiles and are not you so familiar with flooring? Then choose security and contact someone with expertise.

If you prefer to do the placement of your cork floor yourself, then you should certainly take into account some points of interest. For example, an underlay must always be placed that functions as a buffer against rising damp. There should also be a free play between the wall and floor just like parquet.

In terms of maintenance, you will get far with a vacuum cleaner and a mop. Cork floors can therefore easily be maintained. In places where the occurrence of scratches and extreme loads is greater, you can provide preventive mats or protection. If you notice a minor damage, repair it as soon as possible. Do not leave spilled liquids too long. If that liquid is absorbed by the cork floor, it can cause stains. It is, therefore, better not to clean with a drenched mop. Opt for a wrinkled, damp cloth. And finally, do not use products that can affect your floors, such as all-purpose cleaners, chlorine, vinegar and green soap.

Over time, you can also overcoat cork floors. Do not wait until the lacquer layer has worn through locally. A new layer of lacquer guarantees optimum protection again for a few years.

Price of Cork Flooring

The price of cork floors starts from $25 per square meter and increases to around $75. The large price differences can be found in the structure, compressive strength, design and surface. If you want to have the cork floor installed, you can count on a price starting at $50 per square meter. These prices can quickly rise when you first have to level the ground and paint the cork.

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