The time has come: you have bought a new house and want to use ceramic tiles flooring in Greensboro NC. Not a bad idea, because they are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Ideal for mixing and matching. But how do you apply such a ceramic tile and perhaps even more importantly: which tile suits your lifestyle? 1st Flooring Greensboro NC explains best floor ideas for your new house or office.

Industrial Flooring Greensboro NC

You love a tough atmosphere and get warm from old factory furniture, lived materials and a raw edge. Good news, because tiles fit perfectly with this style, preferably in anthracite or gray, for a lived look. With a vtwonen tile from the Loft series you have the perfect match. These sturdy, stylish tiles in three shades of concrete look fit perfectly with an industrial interior.

Romantic Tiles Flooring Greensboro NC

With you everything revolves around cosiness: candlelight, soft materials, warm colors. But those who want to live romantically do not have to start with floral wallpaper, ornate curls and tier lines. Romance also has a quirky side and tiles fit perfectly. A tile floor in the living room can radiate a lot of heat. For example, a vtwonen tile from the Woodstone series can not be distinguished from real wood. That means that you can combine the warmth of wood with the scratch and wear-resistant properties of ceramic tiles, is not it? With the mix of wood patterns in 5 shades, there is always a style that appeals and you can go for a lively effect on both the floor and the wall.

Vintage Floor Installation Greensboro NC

You prefer to browse through flea markets, check out all the thrift stores and score the best items through second-hand websites. Yes, you are a true vintage enthusiast. Big chance that the 30s atmosphere appeals to you and you want to implement this in your new house. No problem, because even with new tiles you can give a house the atmosphere of yesteryear. The tiles from the Neo series, for example, available in large and small sizes (also fun to mix), but all with that typical vintage touch. A nice addition for the hall or kitchen.

Basic Flooring Greensboro NC

Peace and tranquility, that’s what an interior should radiate according to you. For this you start at the base. It consists mainly of colors such as natural, gray, black and white and materials such as wood, rattan, zinc and linen. The tiles in this style are also basic, smooth, preferably large and executed in a light gray color. The Mold series consists of a selection of concrete tiles with a distinctive appearance, very suitable for a quiet whole. Use them from plinth to ceiling in your own wellness bathroom or go for a concrete look floor in the living room in the soft color cement.

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